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Spring: A Surge of Growth and Burst of Opportunity

Spring: A Surge of Growth and Burst of Opportunity

Spring is just around the corner. We are already enjoying a few spring like days here in mid February. Winter is a time that holds short days and longer nights. Tree limbs are bare and reveal their skeletal forms. The bare bones, if you will. But today, there are many signs of spring.. bright sunshine with it’s warmth, plants and plans springing forth with hopes and promises of much to come.

It’s said there a small simple acorn has all the necessary plant matter to sprout a beautiful Oak Tree, if we can provide the additional and right amounts of soil, water and sunlight. This spring I feel that Grace Hill Ventures is like that small acorn…ready to sprout and come forth as a tree taking its roots and reaching for the sky.

Last week an opportunity to host Mark Rashid came up. He needs no introduction if you are familiar with his work, his books or his Aikido Workshops. It’s a clinic I have hoped for and worked towards an opportunity to host for the last 2 years. While it was certainly unexpected, both in time to organize and opportunity, I am thrilled to have that chance!

If you have an interest in joining us, please contact me (Martha Foster) at There are currently several ride spots left. Auditors are welcome at $40/person/day. I am keeping a list of those who plan to audit so advance notice is appreciated with auditing as well.

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