“Changing Lives One Heart at a Time”

Grace Hill Ventures offers individual horsemanship lessons, both on the ground and riding. We also offer activities for groups to explore using  non-verbal communication to practice  problem solving, creative thinking, assertiveness, leadership and teamwork. One has the opportunity to practice  being  more assertive without getting aggressive, as well as developing life skills and confidence by interacting with horses.

Several times a year Grace Hill Ventures hosts a variety of Clinic opportunities with leading professionals in the horse industry.

Horses provide powerful opportunities to address communication, social skills, life skills and other dynamics necessary for healthier and  more meaningful relationships, whether working with individuals or groups.

Horses are social prey animals and humans are predators. Horses are hard-wired to read intent from body language and are very adept at it, even from quite a distance. It’s how they have survived for millions of years. We can learn quickly how our actions affect others, by interacting with and by observing how horses act and react to others in their environment. Biases, that people often feel towards each other, are eliminated  because horses don’t care how one dresses or what degrees one holds. Horses live in the present and don’t dwell in the past. This gives us a unique opportunity to practice and improve our skill sets.

EAP and EAL are useful modalities for developing team building and leadership and also for treating addiction, trauma, social and behavioral disorders. These activities focus on experiential learning, being active in the moment and present, which helps clients quickly find new insights that lead to real and lasting changes. Activities with the horses are related to what is happening with relationships at school, work or in the home.

“Grace” Hill Ventures’ goal is to improve horsemanship and life skills through

Growth, Reflection, Awareness, Communication with Equines…