Covid: Concerns and Connections

The start of the plandemic brought a refusal to try safe generic drugs, a refusal to treat early (no parent or animal owner has ever said, “I won’t get treatment til it’s critical!) Both were big red flags for me. Fortunately, they were for others, too. I made a point of connecting with them, then of gathering what we could find. One of the interesting finds was a link to Ivermectin being effective for different viral infections in vitro. Some of those studies were as early as 2011! See

I started keeping files. Then files started overflowing. Soon, censorship grew on fascistbook and Messenger so we moved to Telegram. There we could share to our heart’s desire! And we did! We found many others looking for the same opportunity! It became a wealth of resources.

It appears the dam is starting to crumble. Twitter has been releasing proof of extreme censorship by our democrat’s weaponized CIA and FBI. The truth is still slow to get out. I felt it was finally time to put together a resource of the links and references that we have been saving for 2 years! The “first edition” of that is available. It is not meant to answer all questions, but I do think it will prove to be enlightening, frustrating and encouraging. I hope you will enjoy having it. Working your way through it. And sharing it!